Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. When it comes to food and healing, I’ve had the privilege of seeing hundreds of people transform using live-giving food and liquid nourishment, among other complimentary modalities.

My culinary and nutrition adventures began in high school (mid 90s, during the fat-free craze – UGH!), with a desire to bring people together by pouring love into food and to live a healthy lifestyle. I was the kid eating an orange at Saturday morning basketball practices, when everyone else was cramming doughnuts. Looking back, my idea of what was healthy then and what is healthy now is, of course, vastly different, but it was a platform from which to pursue further knowledge and experience. Dually inspired by my grandmother’s life and death, I took from her ability to be at the heart of my favorite family memories, which always seemed to involve food, and her sudden and odd death that stemmed from intestinal issues that were previously unnoticed. Upon graduation, I took off running to culinary school at Johnson & Wales University, in Providence, RI.

I was enrolled at JWU when a bachelor’s degree program in nutrition was hatched, providing the opportunity for students to get their toes wet in various related careers, such as spa cuisine, research and development, and sports nutrition, to name a few. I enrolled in this program for my third and fourth years there, and closed my time there with an internship which I was lucky enough to complete at the Hippocrates Health Institute. I had previously worked a several hotels, restaurants, a summer camp, and a casino resort while putting myself through school. It was at the Hippocrates Health Institute that my eyes were opened and my own intestinal issues were improved, and where I witnessed a more powerful way of eating than I had ever seen before.

Embracing the lifestyle fully during my time at HHI, I was able to take in the wealth of knowledge provided there, along with my kitchen duties. After some time, I became the Executive Chef. In all my excitement and passion to spread the word, I took upon myself the tasks of creating a raw snack line, filming instructional videos, teaching classes, and writing the uncookbook that would become the “manual” for the HHI program, and more. All of this while cleansing gradually, fasting regularly, exercising, and running the entire kitchen and juicing departments. When I returned home for the day, I worked more. After a couple years of this, my inability to balance my craze with down time, relaxation, and personal connections led to a huge drain on my adrenaline system. I worked myself into a frenzy and my body needed to simply stop and recover, while my mind suddenly latched on to the urgency of the situation I had created, and my only plausible solution was to leave and allow myself to heal and find balance.